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יובל דוידור - סטריפ תמונות

The Dimension method for decision-making is based on balancing between two types of considerations – pragmatic and spiritual in nature. The three workshops offered focus on each of these foundations and can be appreciated individually, though they are related and augment each other as a series.

The Interpreting Reality workshop is a wake-up call and a reminder that no matter how much we try, or delude ourselves into believing we do, we never fully see the truer and fuller picture.

The Human Ecology workshop is an X-ray of the hidden grand interdependency on and with each other.

The Dimension Method for Decision-Making workshop is a hands-on practical quickly-see-the-value training for handling dilemmas in a way that leaves us significantly more satisfied with our decisions, feeling effective in making them, and comfortable in living with their consequences.

The Dimension Method for Decision-Making

Decision-making processes tend to include noise and biased perceptions that less represent us and significantly limit our options. The dimension method promotes methodical discovery of possibly important considerations we ignored in addition to our traditional blind spots. Exploring tentative decisions through the methodical discovery exposes important insights which leave us with the satisfaction that our decisions are more in alignment with our values and better suited to our hopeful outcome.

The workshop will present the dimensions and how to implement them on our dilemmas. The workshop will include ample examples and encourage live examples from the participants. The dimension method is easy to acquire and starts to yield benefits from day one both to the individual and to the organization.

סרטון ששת הממדים
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Human Ecology

We are all highly influencing each other and being impacted by everyone around us. Much more than we tend to give credit to, especially when we seem to have opulent power and options. This broad mutual dependency incorporates responsibility, and more profoundly, promises wealth of managerial opportunities.

The workshop is built on experimental discovery journey realizing the interwoven fabric of this connectivity, and its translation into organizational and management values.

אקולוגיה אנושית
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Interpreting Reality and Decision-Making

Much of our actions is the result of perception and conduct patterns which dictate our actions almost like an autopilot. Thankfully, many are swift thoughtless actions that take care of the laborious administrative lives we live. But there are some that we wish to be fully aware of and exercise with careful consideration, dismissing of biases, noise, and non-relevant outside influence as much as possible.

The workshop brings to the forefront the illusive mechanisms that tend to take control behind the scenes, and offers management and operational tools to distinguish between those decisions we can quickly be done with, and those we should slow down and consider.

קבלת החלטות ו- "טייס אוטומטי"
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effective incubation

מענה ראשון
הכרה בנחיצות בפלטפורמה חדשה לבצע בדיקת הנאותות של מיזם כך שאחוז החלטות ההשקעה השליליות הכוזבות, כמו גם החיוביות הכוזבות, קטנות משמעותית ביחס לתוצאות בדיקת הנאותות כיום.

מענה שני 
האופן שבו תומכים במיזמי חדשנות סביבתית לבצע את הפיתוח העסקי שלהם וכניסה לשווקים הבינלאומיים.

מענה שלישי
הנגשת מידע איכותי על שווקי היעד ומאפייני התחרות בהם.

מענה רביעי
פלטפורמה לטיפוח מקצועיות ההנהלה.

effective incubation

The first pillar is a scientific oversight ‘club’, involving most of the leading scientists in Israel dealing with environment-related sciences. ‘Club’ members acknowledge the need for them to work together across disciplines and synthesize interdisciplinary considerations. The purpose of this ‘club’ is to sieve out technical/scientific dead-ends ahead of time for pipeline candidates, and overcome unexpected technological crises for the portfolio companies (if such arise during the long-haul maturation).

The objective of the second pillar – the marketplace/commercial agency – is to provide, on a global basis, first-hand market understanding plus marketing intelligence for the fund and for portfolio companies. Members of this ‘club’ are companies that manufacture and sell sustainability-related products and services in global markets.

The third pillar is an international program linking government, certification and piloting bodies around the world that can expedite the introduction of new sustainability products into their respective local markets.

The fourth pillar is a tailor-made mentoring and training program designed to augment the capability of the sustainability entrepreneurs and executives in international sustainability business practices.

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