Raison d'etre

The world needs much more sustainability innovation to reach commercial maturity. The current incubation and investment models have not been effective, leading to diminished consummation, and missing out on huge commercial opportunity.
This missed opportunity is what Pardes Capital aims to change.
In Israel, this is particularly disheartening due to the ample sustainability innovations that endeavor to sprout. Already pre-establishment, Israel has brought top talent to bear on increasing agricultural efficiency, on the use of solar energy and on re-use of municipal wastewater.
This is an advantageous starting position that could be leveraged into an economic growth engine like that of the high-tech, and constitute a beautiful ‘ambassador’, exporting environmental innovation for global benefit.

Effective Incubation

To effectively support sustainability start-ups, Pardes Capital has innovated 4 support pillars to overcome the fundamental commercialization challenges sustainability innovation faces. All 4 pillars are crowd-wisdom based instruments: a top-gun interdisciplinary technical/scientific think-tank involving dozes of diverse experts, market and competitive landscape Intl. agency, gangway for product introduction into international markets, and business & management augmentation to the entrepreneurial executive teams.


We find that cooperation offers the highest form of business effectiveness. Genuine, reciprocating, foundational cooperation enables a leverage second to none.

Pardes implements Responsibility, Partnership and Collaboration values with its various strands of cooperation: collaboration among all its partners, among members within each of the four support pillars, with its equity partners, with portfolio and pipeline companies, and with market players in the ecosystem. We found that responding to the values yields trust that opens new opportunities, great deal of goodwill and benefits to all involved.

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Pardes concept

ליצירת קשר

ליצירת קשר

ד”ר יובל דוידור- מייל: [email protected] | טלפון: 054-6667753 | ההדרים 13, אביחיל

ד”ר יובל דוידור

[email protected]

 טלפון: 054-6667753

effective incubation

The first pillar is a scientific oversight ‘club’, involving most of the leading scientists in Israel dealing with environment-related sciences. ‘Club’ members acknowledge the need for them to work together across disciplines and synthesize interdisciplinary considerations. The purpose of this ‘club’ is to sieve out technical/scientific dead-ends ahead of time for pipeline candidates, and overcome unexpected technological crises for the portfolio companies (if such arise during the long-haul maturation).

The objective of the second pillar – the marketplace/commercial agency – is to provide, on a global basis, first-hand market understanding plus marketing intelligence for the fund and for portfolio companies. Members of this ‘club’ are companies that manufacture and sell sustainability-related products and services in global markets.

The third pillar is an international program linking government, certification and piloting bodies around the world that can expedite the introduction of new sustainability products into their respective local markets.

The fourth pillar is a tailor-made mentoring and training program designed to augment the capability of the sustainability entrepreneurs and executives in international sustainability business practices.

effective incubation

מענה ראשון
הכרה בנחיצות בפלטפורמה חדשה לבצע בדיקת הנאותות של מיזם כך שאחוז החלטות ההשקעה השליליות הכוזבות, כמו גם החיוביות הכוזבות, קטנות משמעותית ביחס לתוצאות בדיקת הנאותות כיום.

מענה שני 
האופן שבו תומכים במיזמי חדשנות סביבתית לבצע את הפיתוח העסקי שלהם וכניסה לשווקים הבינלאומיים.

מענה שלישי
הנגשת מידע איכותי על שווקי היעד ומאפייני התחרות בהם.

מענה רביעי
פלטפורמה לטיפוח מקצועיות ההנהלה.

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